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Current work

Github Repository for Thesis

Mouse Brain Atlas Building System: This is for discussions related to the overall registration and atlas generation system.

Texture Analysis: Discussions on texture analysis using different methods (deep neural network, spatial pyramid, dictionary method, cell-based method etc.).

Unsupervised Discovery of Robust Landmarks from Brain Section Series: The work behind our MICCAI 2015 submission.

Data, Figures

Figures for BRAIN renewal: dropbox, figure list & descriptions

Related MSc Projects

AWS Migration

HPC_on_AWS, Mouse_Brain_Atlas_on_CfnCluster

Web-based Annotation Interface

Demo URL Todo List


Sampling strategies for Nystrom method: Nystrom method is used to approximate the kernel matrix in spectral analysis by computing only a subset of columns. This page describes different strategies for selecting this subset.

Describing texture with repetitive elements: Discover repetitive elements and describe spatial relationships between them.

Less than Current


Exploration and Planning

Registration of Brain Images

Yuncong's Research Exam

Robotics lab wiki for the iSee platform

Robotics lab wiki for the SLAM project


Yuncong's Matlab tricks