LILD Diary

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  • Loris, Mirador and SimpleAnnotationServer deployed on EC2 t2.medium instance (4G RAM, $0.047/hr for on-demand)
  • URL: [1]
  • Added custom resolver for Loris so that it can retrieve images from S3 (currently the bucket and folder is hardcoded, and need to specify the images to load on client side)
  • Mirador supports many annotation tools out of the box - freeform, polygon, etc
  • Loris needs to cache entire image to disk first before serving, so the large loseless images (~500 MB) take quite a while to load, but after that streaming seems quite fast
  • Instance hasn't crashed yet, but there are times when almost all RAM is consumed (fetching images/zooming in)
  • Still have the same problem of viewer blacking out when we zoom too far in


  • Can get freelib-djatoka to show tiff images, but the original jp2 image doesn't display unless we convert it to tiff first (which takes up almost a hundred times more space).
  • freelib-djatoka developer suggests that his project is outdated (some openseadragon features like custom zoom scales don't work) and might be a good idea for us to try loris. I will try setting up Loris server.