Hardware Configurations

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machine name IP Gateway description use MAC address FPGA Dev tool
freundlabpc1 Dell PC GX620 No
freundlabpc2 Dell PC Crashed No
freundlabpc3 Dell PC gx620 00:18:8B:00:59:81 Yes
freundlabpc4 FPGA host Yes
freundlabxp1 Dell PC gx620 Crashed 00:18:8B:00:59:6C No
freundlabdavinci1 00:0E:99:02:58:2B No
Mac machine in Lucila's office (dyn-245-137.ucsd.edu) 132.239.245:137 iMac Annotate pathology images. 34:15:9e:12:25:c2 No

Network Storage[edit]

machine name IP Gateway Description Location
freundlabdisk1 QNAP dual-bay RAID-1 4223
freundlabdisk2 Synology dual-bay (2 volumes, 1 TB each, No RAID) 4223

Interactive Displays[edit]

machine name IP Gateway description use MAC address FPGA dev tool
csevideodisplay4 Mac TAC 00:17:f2:04:08:dc No
csevideodisplay4b Dell PC FPGA host Yes

For the above

  * Netmask is
  * DNS domain is ucsd.edu
  * nameserver
  * nameserver
  * nameserver


Hostname Description use FPGA Dev Tool
seed.ucsd.edu FC9(x64) on Dell 1850 Webserver, LDAP server, File server No
biospike.ucsd.edu CentOS 5 (x64) on Dell 2850 (Installed in April 2010) Compute server, Now defunct, put to rest. Yes

--SunsernCheamanunkul 17:38, 3 November 2009 (UTC)