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This is a place for collecting information about the project.

Our main partner for this project is Professor George Porter.


The MSc. Students taking part in this project are:


  • Finished StarCluster tutorial.
  • Tried to deploying StarCluster, but some issues appears, waiting to be solved.



  • Created StarCluster AMI (ami-6ebbec79) with Pivot Tracing/Hadoop installed. Works off Ubuntu 16.04. Tested with the example PT query.
    • Updating StarCluster's Hadoop Plugin to be able to create a cluster on this AMI
  • Team Notes: Sampath unavailable/busy for the next 4 weeks. Shen Ting is not certain of committing ~10 hrs per week.



  • Summary of work up to June 2016
  • Reminders:
    • Get an account on this wiki and keep it updated
    • Decide how much time you want to devote to the project starting in the fall, do you want to do it as a project or a thesis.


  • We have successfully installed Pivot-tracing instrumented Hadoop, following the PT tutorial on AWS
  • We are working on a script, that can be run on a new EC2 instance, by any team member