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CSE259 AI Seminar[edit]

During the 2009 spring quarter, the AI seminar will take place at 3pm-4pm in room 4140. Unless noted otherwise.

Speaker Date
CSE259 Laurens van der Maaten Tue, March 31, 3pm-4pm, 4140
CSE259 Daniel Hsu NormalHedge and Tracking Monday, April 13, 3pm-4pm, 4140
CSE259 Nicholas Butko Monday, April 20, 3pm-4pm, 4140
CSE259 Brian McFee Monday, April 27, 3pm-4pm, 4140
CSE259 Nima Bigdely Shamlo Monday, May 4, 3pm-4pm, 4140
May 11 - No Seminar
CSE259 Pew Putthividhya Monday, May 18, 3pm-4pm, 4140
CSE259 Yoav Freund Monday, May 25,3pm-4pm, 4140
CSE259 Samory Kpotufe Monday, June 1, 3pm-4pm, 4140