2016-2017 MSc projects

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Pre-requsites for doing an MSc. project with Prof. Freund

Please consult this document to see what I require as prior knowledge from students that want to do a project with me.

Available projects

Contact Professor Freund: yfreund@ucsd.edu, please mention in the subject line "Interested in MSc project", and, if relevant, the name of the specific project.

  1. Tracking the Bee Wobble Available
  2. Mind Reading App Not Available
  3. Efficient Visualization pf Massive Data Available
  4. classification from echo-location clicks available
  5. Traffic analysis using readings from magnetic loops Available

Projects relating to the mouse brain project

Contact Yuncong Chen (yuncong@eng.ucsd.edu) for details

  1. Dictionary Methods for Texture Analysis in Histology Images available
  2. Histology Image Textures based on Triplet Comparison available
  3. Co-segmentation and Co-saliency on Histology Images available