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Welcome! to the Freund Lab Wiki

For help on using this wiki, consult Help

Resources for machine learning Beginners

Resources for the theory behind big data computation

Books from the foundations and trends in theoretical computer science (TCS)

A textbook used in a course given in Stanford:


  • See the Tensors page for a reading list.

Linear systems and lossy compression



Student Diaries

Diaries of Past Students

Mouse Brain Atlas

  • Texture Analysis: For discussions related to characterizing cellular texture using different methods (Deep neural network, dictionary method, cell-based method etc.).

Hadoop Project

Dimensionality Estimation project

Analysis of Bee dances

Remote Browsing of large Images and large Data (LILD)

Statistical models for network communication

Automatic Cameraman project (2014)

Projects for master's students


iPython notebook collections

Webwork related work

  • Translate webwork problems to edX.

Audio Scene analysis

Other Stuff